Quality and safety standards

MAGMA FOODS is an ISO 22000 : 2005 certified company and implements strict quality standards as per HACCP guidelines, specifically designed for business in Agricultural and Food Industry. The state of the art system ensures food safety and quality issues including GMP, SSOP and is compatible with the ISO 9000 Series. The Certificates has been done by Integrated Quality Control under accreditation JAS-ANZ.

The Process

The entire manufacturing process is automated, hygienic and according to FPO (Food Processing Order of the Government of India) Standards. The special process retains the natural tangy flavour, purity and the precious Vitamin C.

The juice is concentrated to reach the desired brix level of 66° - 67°. Depectinised Tamarind Concentrate is also available by extracting the Pectin content through biopectinase enzyme process.